Interactive Video Installation
Video Documentation [03:00]
Touch screen, Mac MINI and Pedestal


"Threshold" is a debut piece from the art collaborative group M-M-M (Min Kim Park, Mary Tsiongas, Masumi Shibata) that explores the relationship between our external experiences through the skin (touch) and our internal mind (thought). Through our sense of touch we learn, discern, feel and chronicle the outside world; in turn we sweat, we feel pain, pleasure, are aroused, we shiver, we redden, become ashen all in response to thoughts we have. Using a touch screen the artists have set up an interactive interface for the viewers to trigger off video images by placing their hands on a clear screen devoid of images. The 'touch' activates images projected on a wall that in turn touch the eye and the mind. The cycle will attempt to make one aware of emotional and physical states of being and connections between touch and consciousness.