Three Channel Video
Video Documentation [02:40]
Three Rear Video Projection 10'x10'x10'


Finding A Pose examines the female nude through the long lens of the "Western" art historical perspective. The college coeds featured in this piece received no detailed instructions except "finding a perfect pose which best describes them." Each individual volunteer-participant performed their posturing unaccompanied, while Park captured not only their final pose, but also each women's struggle to "get it right".


In the presentation of the work, Park ultimately subverts the pose by frequently altering the direction of the projection. Women of various shapes and sizes are seen upside-down and sidewise, twisting and turning, cut off by the camera and sometimes molding together as projects blur together at the edge of the screens. The result is that ultimately the pose becomes meaningless and at the same time it denies the viewer the privilege of truly owning the subject.