Min Kim Park's work investigates the notion of the millennium feminist artistic practice from the perspective of an Asian Immigrant artist with a journalist background. Consumer and popular culture encroach on the terrain of so-called 'female freedom,' appearing supportive of female success yet tying women into new, post-feminist, neurotic dependencies. With a scathing critique of 'women's empowerment' and assuming the role of creator that is also a voyeur and an spectator, my work examines sociocultural phenomena embedded in contemporary women's lives: from fashion/commercial photography and the reality television 'make-over' genre of entertainment to body anxiety and 'illegible rage'. My work argues that invidious forms of gender re-stabilization are being colored by consumer and popular culture in unprecedented ways, while at the same time incorporating and reappraising the crafts, the home made, and even the clich├ęs. I continued to examine contradictions and reciprocities between millennium feminism, art and media culture: engaging as they go in theoretical and critical conversations about contemporary media culture, feminist spectatorship in art and, above all the politics of visual pleasure.