Multimedia Performance
Video Documentation [03:10]
Video projection, Wooden box, Korean Shaman Costume, Sound system
Variable dimension


'Kut' is a shamanistic ritual, an exorcising ceremony practiced in Korea. I experienced 'Kut' at a time when western beliefs were not providing answers to a family member's peculiar illness. I combine brilliantly colored traditional costume and music in 'Kut' ceremonies to create a cacophony of sight and sound by projecting my photograms of blown glass into the space. My 'Kut' ceremony reveals personal transformation of my mind, body, and soul. Fear is transformed into rapture. I, the Shaman, can be viewed as an 'artistically productive person,' often working with the simplest of means to bring about a transformation through the manipulation of imagination. I articulate shamanistic rites which bear its best fruit when it is rooted in the rite's own theatrical language of symbolic gestures, farce, spatial imagery, a sublime spatial poetry.